Our gynaecologists provide professional care according to the guidelines of the Czech Gynaecological and Obstetrical Society. We will advise you on gynaecological problems, family planning, reproductive health and the choice of appropriate contraception.

Gynaecological care and preventive check‑ups

Comprehensive care for pregnant women and prenatal care

Special procedures

Gynaecological care in acute conditions

Gynaecology interventions

The operating room of our clinic is used daily to perform minor gynaecological procedures. Interventions are performed under general anaesthesia, under analgosedation or without anaesthesia, according to the need and recommendation of the physician and in line with the patient’s request. After the procedures, patients’ vital signs are monitored and in the absence of any complications, they are discharged to go home. We have a hotline available where patients can consult with a physician at any time of the day in case of acute problems.

At our clinic the following procedures and examinations are performed:

Diagnostic hysteroscopy

Curettage of cervix and uterus

Revision of uterine cavity

Termination of pregnancy in first trimester

Tubal patency test (HyCoSy)

Puncture of ovarian cyst

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